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Kristel Jennifer Jacobsson-Melo

Kristel Jennifer grew up in Sweden surrounded by nature.

Soon, surrounded by tall buildings in the Bronx, she’ll raise a son of her own. Before going on a hike in Van Cortland Park, we met Jen at her Bronx apartment/studio where she and her husband Livio run their ultra-light gear company Allmansright.

Kristel Jennifer is the glue behind Allmansright.

Livio may be the maker, but Jen is the one who holds it all together. During their daily stuff stack competitions, of who can make more, Jen is usually the winner! Being around Jen makes life feel lighter and you lose track of time being wrapped up in her contagious warm energy. She’s a quiet, strong force in the movement for equity in the outdoors.


What do you want for your son?

Kristel Jennifer Jacobsson-Melo:

Being outdoors is a great feeling. The wind catching my hair and the sun warming my skin is calming and refreshing. It stimulates all my senses and makes me feel alive and that's why I hike. I missed that feeling for a while, living in the city. Liv reintroduced me to the outdoors. He learned where there was a forest to hike and how to get there. It changed everything. Outdoor life was a big part of my childhood in Sweden. Back then I had a forest behind my house where every kid would play. 

And that's what I want for our son to be able to roam free, feel safe to explore and grow to love the outdoors.

Jen is wearing Midlayer_01 in size Large and Scrap Scrunchie_01. 

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