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Maria Nuñez

Maria Nuñez likes long walks on the dirt.

Maria is a thru-hiker who's hiked the Grand Enchantment Trail, Arizona Trail, Colorado Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and more. She, like you, has had a long journey to where she is today. She, perhaps unlike you, has walked thousands of miles, sometimes for months at a time to get here. What keeps Maria returning to trail? 

If you're lucky enough to meet Maria on trail she'd probably introduce herself as Dirty Avocado, her trail name.

Maria is generous with her wealth of backpacking knowledge. One afternoon spent on her YouTube and you'll be able to choose your gear, pack your pack and more. Maria never once makes you feel insecure, ashamed or shy about not knowing something. Even if you've got your gear dialed in, Maria's tranquil energy and soft reassurance may be what you need to grab her outstretched hand and step out of your comfort zone. 


Why do you hike long distance trails?

Maria Nuñez:

Hiking brings me a lot of joy and peace and I think it's because it's so simple. You know when you're out there for weeks, months at a time, on these hundred mile, thousand mile long trips you have no choice but to process all the physical, mental, emotional clutter. As a byproduct you become strong, self sufficient, all of these cool things. But most importantly, I think, is you become totally immersed in the moment. It's really just you, and your feet out there in the mountains, the desert, or in the forest and I think it's such a profound feeling.

I think the simplicity of walking and carrying everything you need on your back is totally beautiful and that's what brings me so much joy. 

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