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Natasha Mercedes

Natasha Mercedes has always loved the outdoors.

It wasn’t until a friend invited her hiking that she discovered a place where she could go without any judgement. On trail, she doesn’t feel the pressures of society to do things a certain way. There’s no right or wrong way of doing it, it just is.

Hiking is a grounding experience for Natasha Mercedes.

When she gets to the top of the mountain she regains perspectives lost in the manic and mundane motions of life. She’s reminded of how small her problems are, and how big our world truly is. It allows her to feel as if she’s loosing herself while simultaneously finding herself.


Tell us about your favorite hiking memory.

Natasha Mercedes:

One of my favorite memories of hiking was probably last year. I took my brother out hiking with me and it was just the two of us. We don't get very many chances to talk or catch up becuase we both have busy lives and just being up there alone, making sure each other was ok just brought us a little closer. Sharing this love that I have with the people that I love has been one of the greatest gifts for me, and I hope for them too. 

I think my mom is going to be one of my next victims.

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