How To
Choose A Hike

It’s important to choose the right hike that way you know what to expect, can plan and prepare properly and can gain the most from the experience.

How to choose a hike?

Take a look at a few things. Elevation gain, mileage, and difficulty. The elevation gain is the total amount that you’ll be climbing throughout the entirety of the hike. A high number, a lot of elevation gain a harder hike. The lower number, an easier hike. The mileage, same thing. The higher the number, the longer you’re going to be outdoors. The lower number, the shorter the hike will be. Difficultly takes a look at a couple of things. Elevation gain and milage are two of them. That is how the trail is rated. Easy, moderate, or hard. 

The best thing that you can do is do something locally to get a feel of what these things mean. In New York, there’s this AllTrails hike over the Brooklyn Bridge which is about 2.4 miles with 98 ft of elevation gain. Go, give it a try and see what you think.

We use AllTrails to plan all Hikerkind Hike Club hikes and have an exclusive discount for AllTrails+ annual memberships! Follow this link to save 30% and go on more adventures for less.

These suggestions are from a recreational hiker.

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