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How To
Set Up Camp

In part one, Kylie talks about where to set up your tent by following guidance from one of the seven Leave No Trace principles, travel and camp on durable surfaces. 

In part two, Chelsea talks about the bearmuda triangle, to discourage bears from visiting your tent. What’s equally, if not more, important is proper food storage when you’re camping.

Part one, how to leave the least impact.

When you’re choosing a campsite it’s super important to look around the site and keep in mind the soil. You want to look for compacted soil like this that way when you set up your tent you’ll leave way less of an impact.

Part two, how to discourage bears. 

You have to think about a triangle. One point is where you set up your tent. The other point is where you consume your food and the last point is where you store your food. You have to make sure to have proper food storage when you’re backcountry camping and check local regulations as to what’s appropriate.

These suggestions are from a recreational hiker.

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