How To
Talk The Talk

Chelsea defines five commonly used words by hikers. 


Let’s start where the trail begins at the trailhead and that’s what that means where the trail begins.


Next blaze. Blaze is the same thing as a trail marker. They’re normally on trees, or signs, or rocks. Sometimes they’re a pile of rocks, called a cairn and that is showing you the intended path that the trail is taking.


Next, let’s go through the acronym H.Y.O.H. which means hike your own hike. Don’t worry about other people's opinions, go out there and hike the hike that you want to hike, and don’t pass judgment on other people.

Leave No Trace

Next are the seven principles that we must abide by, Leave No Trace. Last is, mid-layer.


What is a mid-layer? A mid-layer is your fleece, it’s your insulation layer. It goes on top of your base layer and it’s intended to keep you warm and cozy in Fall camping temperatures.

These suggestions are from a recreational hiker.

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