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Kristen Misthopoulos

In 2020 Kristen Misthopoulos was in Washington DC on tour with Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens when everything locked down.

She returned to her childhood home, where she began to grapple with her slipping sense of self now that the theaters were shut down indefinitely. It was there, surrounded by nature, where she slowly started to rebuild and restore.

Kristen Misthopoulos may have unread text messages from 2016 on her phone, however, she can always be counted on to show up for others.

Her generous, empathic, and humble energy greets you first before she’s even entered your space. Conversations with Kristen on trail jump quickly between love, dreams, and regrets. Before you know it, you’ve shared something with her that you’ve never shared before, let alone with a woman you’ve just met.


Tell us what the outdoors offers you.

Kristen Misthopoulos:

Somewhere along the way I found myself on trail. I gravitate to the outdoors when I am feeling small in this world and immediately mother nature humbles me. She reminds me to be grateful for my body and all that it does. She reminds that active bodies don't all look the same. She gives me the gift of stillness. 

Almost as if to stop and say for a moment you are here, and all you have to worry about is putting one foot in front of the other.

Kristen wears Midlayer_01 in size Large and Bandana_01 in Oak.

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