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What To
Bring On A Hike

These are the essentials that Allison brings when going out on a day hike during the summer. Be sure to bring enough water, and sun protection. Water Bottle_01 is 32 oz of water which is half of what she likes to have on trail.

What to bring on a day hike?

First I bring my day pack. Most importantly is water and a water filter so you can fill up from a natural water source on trail. Food, I bring lunch and snacks and then something to pack out in. I also bring a bathroom kit, which includes a pee cloth, a trowel, toilet paper, and an extra baggie to pack out any waste. Sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bug spray. An external battery charger for your phone. A physical map so if your phone dies and your battery charger no longer works you have something to navigate. A multitool which includes a knife. Matches, first aid kit, emergency blanket, a headlamp if the sun sets, and a wallet with your i.d. and cash.

These suggestions are from a recreational hiker.

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