What to
Eat On A Hike

This is what Allison eats on a day hike. It’s what works for her and her body, so keep in mind it may not work exactly the same for you and yours. The main thing, is that you are eating enough protein, fat and calories to stay fueled throughout the hike. It is important that the food travels well and always bring more than you think you’ll need. Please be sure to pack out whatever you pack in!

What to eat on a day hike?

I always make sure to have a protein bar of some sort it’s really easy to grab and eat when you’re hiking. Trail mix or some sort of nuts to snack on. Vegan jerky’s always a good salty choice. A piece of fruit, keeps you hydrated, it’s refreshing and I always pair that with some nut butter. For lunch, I like to bring these tuna packets with a tortilla and maybe some mustard. It’s really easy to make on trail and really easy to clean up. I also make sure that I have these Nuun tablets and gu packets with me. It keeps my electrolytes up throughout the hike. So when you’re considering what you want to bring just make sure you have enough calories, enough fat, enough protein to keep you fueled throughout the hike. Whatever you pack in please remember to pack out.

These suggestions are from a recreational hiker.

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