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Madjeen Isaac

Meet Madjeen Isaac, a visual artist, Brooklyn native and hiker. On Sunday, May 21 we will present some of her latest work at Hikerkind HQ. Sip on mimosas, shop Hikerkind gear, and connect with others in your community. Learn more...


Tell us about yourself.

Madjeen Isaac:

My name is Madjeen and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I am a visual artist working primarily in painting. I also dabble in photography and sculpture. My paintings are about home, communality and land stewardship. I hybridize landscapes by incorporating elements of my hometown Brooklyn and ancestral homeland Haiti to reimagine a world where we have the autonomy to exist without the constraints of reality. I love depicting the diaspora shamelessly leaning into practices such as agriculture or simply engaging with the land in exchange of joy, liberation and leisure.


Why do you hike? How does it make you feel?

Madjeen Isaac:

I hike to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of the city, the studio and to clear my mind. As a full time artist, I try my best to find balance between work, rest and play and hiking usually grants me all these things. I love adventure, being active, fresh air and great views. Hiking is rewarding, feels empowering and forces me to slow down in between trails whenever I encounter nature's beauty.


How does the outdoors inspire you and your work?

Madjeen Isaac:

 The outdoors play a huge role in my work since I am often reimagining and depicting spaces that I occupy and spend the most time in. In between commutes, I take photos of spaces that capture my eye or that I want to go back to explore. It also allows me to pick up on which neighborhoods are more tended to than others. Living in a fast paced and changing city that practices gentrification and displacement makes me think a lot about the rights and well being of longtime residents, especially if they are immigrants or first generation. I think about language barriers, those who are starting from scratch to build for the future or those who may not fully be equipped or know where to navigate for resources. It’s important for me to frame the outdoors as a place that can bring me ease and broaden my outlook on what’s possible for me and my people to attain. Whether I am volunteering at community gardens or camping with my family, learning to cultivate and live with the land is fruitful knowledge. I hope my paintings can inspire folks to lean into that.

Madjeen is wearing Base Bra_01 and Shirt_01 in size small with Trousers_01 in size large.

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